Shine. produced by naunen

from by Yogi Trataka

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Let hope take you.


As yogi enters he unravels a new point of interest
Broken ankle center shifting balance for weather
Radiation symbols irony we raise our awareness like symmetry we graze the likings of our mental sight symphonies of grace i stay in cycles that dont replay
When i was younger i would meditate in jungles bedroom shadows are insightful blossom from a tumble of thought to a landslide of ideas yea anonymous plots
Cropped ouda the field the we feel like we come from accommodating games they play

Wait for us to receive
Honor should be first no order tho true indeed
Dont be caught in the seeds of the rotten when i see you i
Amazement is

Everything is perfect i need to
U i need you

Theres a crack in my neck every step that i slap on this crash of a test we are blessed to interact on n
Around the patience o thin thoughts
Lines that nobody can see walk across the sky
Imma test this one

Born to see the new and absorb it observe your informal unformed
Memoirs members only
What we were is always
Im sorry im sorry im sorry
Wait why am i sorry

Grip all ready for arid fort night
Clip hysterics call em what you
But get back on your but thereare lotteries to be won
Setbacks economic flaws and reckless love i found myself in another form likewise for her
We are under own control
Turn and grow up
Birch sunsets with
Bare feet in our earths skin care enough yet
Or carry you redundant ignorance i non existence our actions have always had a greater meaning
Were aware of this deepness
But not aware were aware we are arrogant creatures
Careful in the depths of distance
Taken alone
Where to next
Parodied out of stress
Strength is my greatest weakness
Im a leaking mess
Sanctuary defects
Ankles bleed with pressure
Red tokes and cat fur
Crab cure ab-luring a blurry craft
Curate assistance
The laugh of my heartaches actual
Garments are of Unethical decent
The message has been spent

Aggression get more rest if you dont except it
Wakes up energetic
I tell you ^
... )unknown speech(


from Corethought, released November 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Yogi Trataka Calgary, Alberta

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